The Battle of the X800s - 3-way roundup

@ 2004/06/23
Back on the 4th of May, we saw ATI release their new line of graphics cards that are based around the R420 VPU. At that time, reviewers were sent both 12-pipe and 16-pipe cards; namely the X800PRO and X800XT Platinum Edition, which are placed in direct competition with the GeForce 6800 series of graphics boards from NVIDIA.

We've got three X800PRO retail samples on show here today from three of ATI's partner companies, namely GeCube, MSI and ASUS. These three partners offer the consumer a wide range of prices for a range of packages that go from the extremely complete to the extremely lightweight - we'll take a look at the individual packages in a short while. Before we do, I'll take you through a look at the technological aspects that this new graphics core has under the hood.

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