OCZ Announces PowerStreamTM Power Supply Family

@ 2004/06/23
Sunnyvale, CA June 22, 2004

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high-reliability memory, today announced the release of their PowerStreamTM family of power supplies.

The OCZ PowerStreamTM power supplies are the most versatile, most adaptable and quietest power supplies available in the marketplace today.

"OCZ Technology recognized the need for a quality PSU some time ago. We constantly talked about what we'd love to have in the lab," said Dr. Michael Schuette, OCZ Technology Group's Director of Technology Development. "The PowerStreamTM product provides the user with the most powerful and imaginative PSU available. OCZ's leading-edge technologies gave users solutions to all of the computer power challenges they were faced with: universal connectivity, adjustable power rails, clean output current and ultra-quiet operation are just a few of the benefits the PowerStreamTM delivers."

Each OCZ PowerStreamTM product includes the state-of-the-art PowerFlexTM feature for fine-tuning the three independently adjustable power rails. An LED indicator sits below all three adjustment dials. In addition, the OCZ PowerStreamTM product line is equipped with OCZ's ConnectAllTM universal connector for ATX, SATA, P4, EPS12V and BTX requirements.

Each OCZ PowerStreamTM power supply is outfitted with OCZ's PowerShieldTM power leads which provides stabilized input current and substantially filters out "ripple" and electrical noise.

The OCZ PowerStreamTM PSU's are effectively quieted with OCZ's exclusive PowerWhisperTM technology; noise levels are suppressed below 23dBA at 60% load. All OCZ PowerStreamTM products are encased in an attractive nickel-plated chrome box and sport green LED's on the exhaust fans.

OCZ's PowerStreamTM power supplies are all backed by a 3-year PowerSwapTM warranty and industry-leading return program; any returned PSU is immediately replaced with a new unit, eliminating lengthy return-for-repair episodes. The product is also protected with an additional two year limited warranty.

The OCZ PowerStreamTM power supplies are available in 520W, 470W and 420W versions. The OCZ PowerStreamTM power supply will begin shipping June 23rd to select retailers.

For more information on the OCZ Technology Group PowerStreamTM family, please visit the product page here.

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