Asetek VapoChill LightSpeed

@ 2004/06/22
After using the VapoChill for several days I noted all the little bugs and issues I encountered with it. There is nothing really serious, and everything I saw happen is discussed on the VapoChill forums. Firstly, every 5th time or so that I restart my system the VapoChill Control Panel software will report that it is unable to establish a USB link. When this happens the software cannot communicate with the VapoChill and the LCD reads "Waiting for USB Link." The problem is always resolved by just restarting the computer again. The next thing I ran into is the backlight on the LCD turned off and did not come on again until I rebooted my computer. Lastly, and this only happened one time, I started up the system once and it appeared as if the LCD was trying to display both lines of text on the top line of the display. It resulted in a weird garbled output. Aside from this I have not had one single problem with the VapoChill LS and I'm really not bothered by them considering the increase in overclocking it has given me.

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