Postal 2: Share The Pain

@ 2004/06/21
I haven't had to give that warning since the last time I reviewed a Postal game, which just so happened to be Postal 2 the core of the new version we are reviewing today, Postal 2: Share the Pain. Once again we have a game with absolutely no redeeming social value whatsoever, a game that perverts all that we know to be good, a game that has you decapitating innocent civilians, setting them on fire with gas then peeing on them to put them out so you can steal their money, a game where any stray kitty you might pick up fits snugly on the end of your shotgun as a silencer, a game where you unzip your pants and flash the public or get your pecker bit off by a dog and pee blood, or catch an STD and pee green chunks causing the nurse at the clinic to uncontrollably vomit on the desk (wow – there’s a lot of peeing going on in this game), and a game that makes you love every single second of it, as you snicker or even laugh aloud something has gone delightfully awry with the gaming industry and now Running With Scissors is going to let you share the sickness online.

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