Intel's new 775LGA CPUs and 925/915 chipsets

@ 2004/06/20
We kick the tires on PCI-Express, DDR2, and a new Intel CPU and socket. And of course we compare them to AMD's top end and a couple of legacy systems as well.

Comment from jmke @ 2004/06/20
I don’t want to get into an overclocking article here and now, as the CPUs we have are engineering samples. Obtaining overclocks in the 4GHz range were not an issue though. Also, we were able to scale our FSB up to 250+ while bringing the DDR2 bus up to 666MHz with all sets of DDR2 sticks in the house. So it would seem that the enthusiast fun would live on in the new enthusiast motherboards. It is certain that the ABIT retail boards have great promise of being awesome OCers now as they have in the past
seems Abit has been able to bypass the Intel OC lock