ABIT Launches RX800 Series

@ 2004/06/18
Powered by the ATI RADEON™X800 XT and RADEON™X800 Pro VPUs, the world’s most powerful Visual Processing Units, ABIT’s RX800 XT-VIO and RX800 Pro delivers twice the gaming performance of the previous generation 9800XT. The result is a killer piece of gaming hardware with uncompromising performance and image quality. The ABIT RX800 will be the official video card of the world’s top gaming teams.

With 520MHz/475MHz core clock, 256MB GDDR3 memory, 16/12pixel pipelines and breakthrough image enhancement technology, ABIT’s RX800 series ushers in a new era in High Definition gaming. The advanced fabrication process and leading edge GDDR3 memory enables ABIT’s RX800 series to deliver high-performance, user-friendly graphics solutions which will work in existing PCs without radical and costly power supplies or cooling upgrades.

The ABIT RX800 series also includes innovative new features such as the 3Dc™, a new compression technology that allows game developers to pack more finer details into real time 3D images. For gamers, this means that their game will look better than ever. 3Dc™ is slated to become the industry standard to support more complex high-definition visual effects in real time.

Since the introduction of its RADEON™ product lines, ATI is well recognized among PC gamers as being the industry leader for 3D graphics solutions. The RADEON ™ X800XT and X800 PRO define a totally new High-Definition Gaming experience for the avid gamer by maximizing performance and image quality in higher detail and at higher resolutions than ever before. The RX800XT and X800 Pro give users more than just a great gaming experience. It offers the latest ATI Smartshader HD that executes up to 1,536 instructions in a single pass, which is 10x more than other cards. The new shader compiler is designed to make optimal use of the new functionality. It also increases its temporary registers from 12 to 32.

The latest DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL® 2.0 shader support is included to ensure that current and upcoming games look and play brilliantly, especially in high-definition. It also has sophisticated video processing, filtering and acceleration features that make multimedia applications more efficient, inspiring and fun. The RX800XT-VIO and RX800Pro also support the latest high-definition and wide display formats, giving users bigger and more vivid movie, gaming and Internet experience.

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