Will Microsoft Offer XP SP2 Security to Older Windows?

@ 2004/06/18
Microsoft has plans to port some of its Service Pack 2 updates and fixes to other Microsoft products. Redmond won't elaborate yet, but some of its testers will.

The world must wait until late July at the earliest until Microsoft delivers the final release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). But that isn't stopping testers and customers from asking what Microsoft's intentions are, in terms of back-porting the SP2 updates and fixes to other Microsoft operating systems and related products.

SP2, code-named "Springboard," is primarily a collection of security fixes. With SP2, Microsoft is turning on its built-in Windows Firewall by default; including new browser and e-mail safeguards and enhancing XP's memory protection features, company officials have said.


Microsoft representatives charged with answering questions told the system builders that they should expect the SP2 RC2 download to be 270 MB in size, but only 90MB for those who already have SP1 installed. Microsoft also is planning to make CD versions of RC2 available for those testers who have narrow-band connections and can't download the hefty service pack. Microsoft told the Web cast participants to expect Microsoft to ship the RC2 CD release to them some time after July 1.

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