Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4PRO L CPU Cooler

@ 2004/06/18
Today I will be reviewing a sample of one of the quietest processor coolers on the market today. With fan speed selection, good cooling, excellent price and good looks, this might be a capable choice for your next cooling upgrade.

The going trend is that if you buy a quiet cooler you should prepare yourself for some CPU temperatures that are higher than what you would witness if you were using a enthusiast blow hard. The cooler tested today goes against the grain and still offers some excellent cooling with the sound levels of a mute field mouse. But the goodness doesn't stop there. With the four ultra bright LEDs incorporated into the fan, this cooler is also an attractive addition to your modified and windowed case. But wait, there is more.......... You still have to be reminded that it sells for penny pinching value of US$20. Great Deal? Yip......

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