Sharp 3D liquid crystal color 15" TFT

@ 2004/06/17
As for sharp, without the private glasses 3D (solid) it can look at indication, simply 2D (plane surface) 15 type 3D correspondence liquid crystal color monitors < LL whose change of indication is possible - 151D >, in for the developer of various application software contents and the enterprise user which examines the utilization with business use it sells.

With the private button, being one-touch, besides the fact that it can change 2D indication and 3D indication, if SHARP 3D Technology* it isthe software which corresponds to 1, indication changes with 2D mode and 3D mode automatically, according to the state of the software,* 2.

1. Without the private glasses actualizing stereoscopic display

2. With the private button, being one-touch, change of 2D indication and 3D indication is possible

3. Digital input correspondence (the DVI - I terminal) depending upon, there is no deterioration of the picture and actualizing clear indication

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