X800 pro, XT PE and GeForce 6800 GT, Ultra

@ 2004/06/17
However the pro variant possesses only twelve pipelines, which XT model however their 16, which to the full equipment of the chip is equivalent. The contraction „Platinum Edition” stands meanwhile for increased clock rates, which were raised opposite the normal Radeon X800 XT - this comes with 500/500 MHz to the customer - again. The GeForce 6800 GT is almost identically constructed with the Ultra and possesses likewise 16 pipelines. It is clocked however lower and occupies no PCI Slot due to a less unloading radiator Design.

Here for the delay of this article, has nevertheless clearing of various optimizations up at texture filters and LOD regulation is again assigned to us on the part of ATi (see our articles: Versteckspiele with ATis texture filter , Radeon X800 and the textures and full filtering for ATi and nVidia! ) in the last days and weeks our full attention actually cleverly. Now we are however in a the position to supply to our readers with meaningful values since we could guarantee now, with both competitors the full trilinear filtering to activate to be able and thus those with the higher achievement determine and not that, which optimizes more strongly.

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