Half-Life 2 moves to Autumn?

@ 2004/06/14
EuroGamer reports that the Half-Life 2 release date saga continued to rumble on this weekend, with an Autumn release date now mooted as the title's likely launch window despite development on the hugely-anticpated game reportedly being completed in a matter of a few weeks .

Reports emanating from Half Life Radio in the US state that Valve will deliver the game to publisher Vivendi in the next few weeks, in line with the Seattle-based developer's recent promises that work on the project would be finished this summer. In fact, Valve's marketing director Doug Lombardi restated last week that the game was still "on target" for the summer.

Comment from Xploited Titan @ 2004/06/15
Simple question, I've got the voucher... I can order the game as soon as it comes out, right? Cos I read somewhere there would be a re-edition of HL+Blueshift+CS... using the engine of HL2...

Which woule be very interesting imo... So, is it better for me to go download the whole stuff or wait and order a nice box with that extension?