486 Turns 15 Years Old

@ 2004/06/12
The 486 processor , introduced in 1989 at 25 and 33MHz clock speeds, is now 15 years old. Intel's simultaneous launch of both the 486, a CISC chip, and the i860, a RISC chip, was a gamble. Remarks Intel's former CEO, Andy Grove: 'our equivocation caused our customers to wonder what Intel really stood for, the 486 or i860?

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/06/12
Still have the board, 486/33 proc mounted and 16mB memory.

I plan on mounting it on flexi-glass support for decoration. I built the system in 1992 costing $1800.

Where were you and what were you doing 15 years ago when the 486 was born?