asetek vapochill LS vs nVentiv Mach II GT

@ 2004/06/08
The first unit I acquired was the nVentiv Mach II GT. The GT arrived looking great, I was impressed with the overall quality. First impressions are that it is a normal Nventiv Mach II. But it has more to meet the eye under the hood. The GT has had some internal modifications to the capillary tube and refrigerant. The refrigerant is upgraded to 404a versus the factory normal r134a that all the other nVentiv models come with

Comment from jmke @ 2004/06/08
if all else fails you can use it to cool down your room
Comment from calantak @ 2004/06/08
I don't have the time, I have 60-65 patients to do tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and that story goes on

the ls looks good , 850 euros direct from asetek, 230v version shipping included... and delivered within the week.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/06/08
Wondering why nobody goes for a buy out?

15 Cents to a Dollar from book value?
Comment from calantak @ 2004/06/08
the question is what to do for me...
I can still get hold of a mach2 non gt through factor, however there won't be any guarantee on that one, and impossibility to get all the sockets and such...
would probably be better to go with a vapo ls then...
I really wanted the top of the line thing and now those suckers go bankrupt...
Comment from jmke @ 2004/06/08
I think it is about the same yes.

Mach I <= Mach II ST < Mach I (modded R507) < Mach II <= Vapo LS < Mach II GT
Comment from calantak @ 2004/06/08
damn... thinking that one was coming my way... and now it &in't...
is a vapochill ls better then a standard mach2?
Comment from jmke @ 2004/06/08

"Hats off to nVentiv for making the lowest temperature unit you can presently buy!"

that statement is outdated