Vantec Nexus NXP-305 Fan & Light Controller

@ 2004/06/07
The Nexus NXP-305 Fan & Light Controller combines the functionality of fan control and cold cathode light activation into one single unit. It offers 3 separate channels, which can be adjusted to allow full control of the fan ranging from FULL SPEED to COMPLETELY OFF. This will cut down or eliminate unnecessary noise level by reducing the fan speed. The light activation function support 2 cold cathode lights. By adjusting to either ON, OFF, or SOUND ACTIVATED, it allows you to have full control of how you want to light up your case. Housed in a stylish aluminum casing designed to fit in any standard 3.5" drive bay with ultra-bright blue LED, the Nexus NXP-305 fan & light controller is the mod you have been waiting for

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