Corsair TwinX1024 PC4000 PRO - Dual Channel Memory Kit

@ 2004/06/07
3DMark01SE, dubbed "the gamers benchmark" is different in many ways from SiSoft Sandra. The most notible difference is this benchmark stresses all components of your system, including video, cpu, memory, and a slew of other components. This benchmark is also highly GPU dependent, which is why we kept the video card at stock speeds, to accurately judge the results of the benchmarks.

Judging from the graph below, we can only see my point proven further. The Hyper X indeed performs quite well with its super tight timings, but as the frequency rises, these timings can only hold out for so long. This is where you see the Twin X really shine, the loose timings allow a much higher FSB, feeding this memory all the bandwidth it needs.

Our review compared to the OCZ PC4000:

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