NVIDIA and AMD Deliver Improved Security to Protect the PC Desktop

@ 2004/06/03
NVIDIA and AMD Deliver Improved Security to Protect the PC Desktop

NVIDIA Hardware-Optimized Firewall Solution and AMD Enhanced Virus Protection technology enabled by the upcoming Windows(R) XP Service Pack 2 Can Provide PC Users with Added Level of Protection Against Common Attacks

COMPUTEX - TAIPEI, Taiwan, Jun 2, 2004 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Recognizing the need to thwart network level hacking attacks and other security risks, NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) today announced collaborative efforts with AMD and leading Taiwanese motherboard companies to help promote enhanced secure PC platform technology solutions and deliver innovative features and increased levels of protection for desktop PCs, workstations, and servers based on the NVIDIA nForce(TM) and AMD64 computing platform.

"Recognizing the downtime and costs associated with cleaning up after network infiltrations and virus attacks, it made perfect sense to both us and AMD to build security features directly into the silicon level," said Drew Henry, general manager of platform business at NVIDIA. "The combination of the NVIDIA nForce MCPs with the AMD Athlon FX and AMD Opteron processors provides end users with the best possible platform for performance, features, and protection."

Already, NVIDIA and AMD have each incorporated cutting-edge security features at the silicon level to help combat the direct threat of networking- level hacking attacks and other common security risks. NVIDIA's solution -- NVIDIA Firewall -- is integrated directly into the Company's newest NVIDIA nForce media and communication processors (MCPs) for AMD Athlon(TM) and AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based motherboards. It provides driver-based protection the moment the PC is connected to the Internet or internal network, as well as a graphical user interface allowing customers to configure the Firewall, easily modify settings, and manage the security settings remotely. AMD64 technology processors, which include the AMD Athlon 64 FX and AMD Opteron processor families, incorporate Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) technology that will be enabled by the upcoming Windows(R) XP Service Pack 2 to help eliminate certain security risks and viruses by prohibiting common "buffer overflow" attacks. The combination of NVIDIA nForce MCPs and AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron processors provides users with a great baseline level of protection. NVIDIA and AMD are both committed to providing customers next- generation security technologies in order to make the PC platform as secure as possible.

"PC security is one of the most pressing and frustrating issues facing computer users today," said Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of the Microprocessor Business Unit, AMD. "Viruses impact performance. Without hardware to address viruses, even great performing systems are potentially relegated to performing like 20-year old PCs. AMD and NVIDIA recognize the frustration and have done something about it. AMD's Enhanced Virus Protection technology, which will be enabled by the upcoming Windows XP Service Pack 2, is an ideal complement to NVIDIA's Firewall. Together they strengthen the PC platform to help withstand the ever-increasing number of computer attacks."

NVIDIA is also working with the top Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers, including market leaders ASUSTeK and MSI, to help market their line of nForce- based motherboards featuring integrated security features for the AMD64 market. Together, the companies will help educate consumers on the importance of PC security and begin promoting built-in security as a "must-have" feature for today's PC enthusiasts.

"ASUSTeK is dedicated to providing users with the best technology possible, we are as concerned about security as we are about performance," said Joe Hsieh, Director of ASUS Motherboard Business. "Together, NVIDIA and AMD are helping to bring innovative security technologies to the market at the silicon level, providing end users with a certain level of comfort and protection right out of the box."

"The fact that we are able to provide these innovative security features at no extra cost to our customers is truly revolutionary," said Mr. Rick Wu, Motherboard Product Marketing Manager at MSI. "By providing a combined, protected platform, NVIDIA and AMD are truly developing the next-generation in secure networking and computing."

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