PCP&C 510 Deluxe Reviewed (Pt1) @ Over-Clock UK

@ 2004/06/03
There's always one part of a system that lets down all the rest. It's a common thing... However, many fail to acknowledge that it's their PSU. The PSU market at the moment is hazy at best, with half the supposed 500w+ PSUs only outputting 430w in real-life... drastically under-rated ampages for each rail on some of the best of the crop... the plain fact is, you get what you pay for. Well, the PC Power & Cooling used to weigh in at £200 or more if you wanted one in this country, so getting hold of one to take a look at was proving quite a chore... then I got talking to Phil Stanbridge of extremeprometeia.com, who was perfectly happy to fire one over for me to take a look at! Here's how we got on!

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