Thermaltake PurePower 480W Butterfly PSU Review @ CoolTechZone

@ 2004/05/30
Undeniably, Thermaltake's Butterfly power supply unit is an exceptional product. The outsides and the insides of the unit are clean as far as PSU cleanliness is concerned. We are nothing but impressed by Thermaltake's professionalism. The PSU also proved to be very silent throughout our testing. The airflow inside the unit is also well directional. The use of vents on the side and the aluminum heatsinks are a step forward towards PSU thermal solutions. There were little fluctuations noted in regards to the voltage but they were expected. The 480W PSU is a great product and is truly designed for enthusiasts. If you are looking for something silent with great performance, you will be impressed with the Thermaltake Butterfly PSU.

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