Verax GmbH P17CuX Ultra Quiet Heatsink Review @ FrostyTech

@ 2004/05/29
Frostytech has reviewed several of Verax GmbH's ultra-quiet heatsinks in the past, and while the heatsink and fan have remained pretty much identical throughout, the company always manages to mix it up a little. The Verax CAIRdB fan design is unarguably one of the most revolutionary on the market, though it can really be a struggle to get acclimated with the when moving from traditional vaneaxial fans. As always, Verax place their focus on quiet, then cooling... I'd expect the newly released Intel Pentium 4 (willamette) / Socket 603/604 Xeon Verax P17CuX heatsink to be a little on the warm side when it comes to testing. So far though, the Verax heatsinks always manage to keep the test system within reasonable levels, all the while with virtually no noise. The P17CuX heatsink breaks away from Verax's past flirtation with CGDS technology, and instead employs a massive copper plate bolted to the base of their signature aluminum extrusion. A thin la! yer of common white silicon thermal compound fills out the voids between the two surfaces, but other than that, it's a pretty low-tech add-on

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