AMD Geode™ NX 1ghz Processor @ 6 Watt

@ 2004/05/29
AMD Geode™ NX 1500@6W Processor*

The AMD Geode™ NX 1500@6W processor leverages advanced architecture to provide a powerful solution for a variety of Internet edge, peripheral applications, and more. The AMD Geode™ NX processors provides the highest x86 performance for fanless operations.

The NX 1500@6W processor leverages Mobile AMD Athlon™ processor technology to deliver superior computing power for a variety of thin-client and other applications including point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, high-end printers and home media systems.

Key features include:

Low-power consumption
Advanced 7th generation core
Long-term manufacturing and support
128KB level 1 cache
The AMD Geode™ NX 1500@6W processor is supported by existing low-cost infrastructure, proven architecture and a long-term supply commitment.

More power available

For applications that require even higher performance, AMD Geode™ Solutions also features the AMD Geode™ NX 1750@14W processor.**

Comment from Sarcastro @ 2004/05/30
Looks like an Epia killer. That would be great for the prices of such systems.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/05/29
Excellent for Home Entertainment setup; now I know what to do with my 2Ghz Celeron and PC2100.