AMD's new releases/price increase on June 1 @ AMDReview

@ 2004/05/28
We just got word that AMD will be increasing the price to the FX 53 because they will release higher prices Athlon 64 chips and to help spur enthusiasm for Socket 939. Not only will the FX 53 Socket 939 be introduced around June 1st. Among the chips introduced on June 1st is the 3500+ and the 3800+, in Socket 939. The price of the 3800+ will be close to the Socket 940 FX 53 right now which is $733.The 3700+ will be seen in Socket 754 and carry the price tag of $689. The 3500+ will cost $499, a decent price for an entry level computer using Socket 939. For a short time you will still see FX-53 chips in the low to mid $700 range but they soon go up and dry up. One suggestion is, if you want to have a major kick *** A64 computer now is time to buy before it’ll go straight through the stratosphere!

The 3700+ will have 1 meg L2 cache with the new CG revision. Stepping: AEP5AR

3500+ and 3800+ will have 512 kb L2 cache with a new stepping of “DEP4AW”

The FX-53 Socket 939 will carry a DEP5AS stepping. 5 signifying a 1 meg L2 cache.

Expect to see Socket 939 chips to be cheaper than the Socket 940 counterpart as the price will continually rise. The new price will become effective on June 1st 2004.

Comment from calantak @ 2004/05/29
so that'll be this weekend... monday we'll be seeing reviews with a little bit of luck.