AVC Z7H2403012 Internal Prism Base Heatsink Review @ FrostyTech

@ 2004/05/27
What is the newest trend in heatsink thermal design? Hint, it's not heat pipes, prolific amounts of copper, phase change materials or cold forging - it's the "Internal Prism Base." If that seems unclear, just imagine that the copper base of the AVC Z7H2403012 heatsink, pictured below, is in the shape of an obtuse triangular prism - about 67mm long, 13mm high, and 51mm wide. The widest side of this copper prism sits directly on top of the processor core, and the two smaller sides are soldered to the copper fins above. Thermalright have been using a similar process with their heatsinks for quite some time, but as their base sections are split down the center to leave space for the clip, it isn't quite the same concept. The closest example of the IPB we can compare this AVC heatsink to is the Novasonic-AlCu from Tocools, or the Thermal Integration TI-A8736N

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