Saving 1Gb of HD space + faster boot time + faster app loading @ IANAG

@ 2004/05/27
Deleting Windows junk to save 1Gb of space!

Disclaimer: IANAG/Private Pyle/Pyleware takes no responsibility for any damaged incurred following this tutorial.
This tutorial is intended as a guide only, not all settings will work on all XP installations. Make sure you have a proper backup of ALL data.
This guide lists folders and files in the windows directory that can be deleted; this has been tried in XP home and XP pro but also work in windows nt and 2k.

Removing Fonts in 2k/XP speeds boot time

If you have TONS of fonts installed your boot time may be suffering from it.... You can easily end up with a ton of fonts without even realizing it!

Prefetch Applications to make them load quicker

If you have lots of RAM like I do then you can prefetch a number of applications by using the /prefetch:1 switch. This will load the application into your RAM for MUCH faster startup times. Be careful on how many programs you do this with because it'll eat up your RAM if you do it too much.

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