Albatron GeForceFX 5700P Turbo Videocard Review @ PCstats

@ 2004/05/27
There's good reason for this, namely that Albatron has taken it upon themselves to produce some of the best overclocking videocards we've ever tested. Even their mainstream graphics cards tend to have a higher level of "excitement" than most other brands on the market. I guess it's just the "Albatron" touch... In this review, PCStats is taking the Albatron GeForceFX 5700P Turbo videocard for a spin around the block. We'll be looking to see if this blue 8X AGP card lives up to expectations. Will the FX5700P Turbo blast out pixels and jaw-droping FPS, or just putter along like an old Amiga? Feel free to jump ahead to the benchmarks, or sit back and relax as we take you though the features of this $150USD FX5700-based card.

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