Inno3D Tornado FX 5700LE 128MB Review @ PCModdingmy

@ 2004/05/27
The FX5700LE is noticeably smaller than most FX5700 cards and even smaller than the MX440! On the other hand, this card comes with no fan at all. You got me right, there were no fan installed on top of the heatsink. Although, fan connector was available onboard I would still prefer a fan installed with it. Inno3D might be correct with the decision of not to provide a cooling fan but as a gamer myself, I would definitely prefer a fan on it. Anyways, how much could a little fan cost? I contacted one of the representatives and he told me that there should be no problem for the card to handle the heat even without a fan. The unique yet huge heatsink would be sufficient enough to dissipate the unwanted heat. The good thing is, this card would be totally silent since there is no fan installed. At the back of the card, there were no RAM sinks at all. I would prefer installing some RAM sinks on those RAMs as they tend to get quite hot when running at overclocked speeds

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