Chaintech 'Apogee' FX5700Ultra @ 3DVelocity

@ 2004/05/26

Well... If you read the above statement regarding the FX5700U chipset, and you are a true enthusiast, then you agree that most of the shortcomings of this card are from the GPU iteslf. If you have a particular fancy for the FX5700U chipset, then the bundle, quality and performance is excellent. HOWEVER, the 5700U is an inherently problematic chip from the start as far as the enthusiast market goes and the testing here shows just that. While core speeds were able to blow the 5900 out of the water, the performance results were not that impressive. In other words, the extra headroom was nice, but it makes little real world difference when the GPU lacks features. For the true enthusiast out there I say stay away from the 5700U chipset, but the quality of the AA5700U is not the reason for the advice.

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