Win OCZ memory.. monthly! @ BleedinEdge

@ 2004/05/26
The BleedinEdge, a hard core computer enthusiast site, is very proud to announce their ongoing memory competition co-sponsored by OCZ Technology Inc. Each month a different category of processor and motherboard(s) will be selected for participation. You simply download a small program which tests your memory speed and system stability, and upload the information to our data base. Show us your system memory is the fastest based on the criteria and you win a very nice prize. The contest offers very few limitations to the users ability to maximize system performance.

Our current contest runs through June 13th and features what we like to call the "Intel Prostock Series". This series is open to all Intel 865, 875, VIA, and SIS chipsets using P4A, B, C, Celeron and Mobile Processors. Only Prescott's, Extreme Editions, and ES chips are eliminated from this competition

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