Asetek Waterchill Antartica system @ DriverHeaven

@ 2004/05/25

We were completely impressed by the Asetek Waterchill Antarctica system, the kit was easy to assemble, ran flawlessly and cooled exceptionally well especially under load. The instructions were clear and well laid out which assisted the building process and other than a screwdriver there were no additional tools needed. You will have noted from the picture of the full system that a roomy case is required. There was just no way the kit was fitting in our Coolermaster Centurion case and so anyone considering the Antarctica kit should also look seriously at buying a new case or if you so choose you can run the kit outside your case. Looking at the Asetek support forum we found numerous helpful threads which talk about what cases are suitable, also on the forum is a plethora of useful tips which should cover any questions you have when building or running the Asetek Antarctica
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/25