Win TwinX1024-3200LL and one TwinX1024-4000PRO @ HardwareHell

@ 2004/05/25
How to Win
This isn't going to be a piece of cake, though not that rough either. Answer the following questions, and send the answers to, if you win, we'll contact you back to get your details. Also, please mention whether or not you agree to be added to Corsair's mailing list. The mailing list would help you get the latest greatest news on their products, and help us set up more contests for you guys in the future (Nothing is free in a Capitalist world).

1. What is the unique feature of the Corsair PRO series modules?
2.Which Corsair product line won more 'Best Memory of 2003' Awards than all other vendors combined ? Name two sites that gave us the award.
3.Which Corsair modules are best for overclockers for the following platforms:
a.Athlon XP / NForce2
b.Pentium4 / i875
c.Athlon 64 FX / NForce3

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