Zalman TNN-500A Case @ SilentPCReview

@ 2004/05/23

When the system was stressed for half an hour using CPUBurn software, the CPU thermal diode stabilized at a temperature of 55°C in a room ambient of 22°C. This is a very modest temperature. In normal usage, the typical desktop PC rarely gets such a high level of stress for such a long time; CPUBurn pushes the CPU to a higher temperature than any real application (or game). During web content creation, e-mail and web browsing, the CPU temperature rarely went past 45°C.

No misbehavior from the video card was noticed at any time, indicating good cooling of the hot 9800XT GPU core. This was during benchmark testing as well as in gaming and general use after the CPU stress test.

It is clear that the Zalman TNN-500A case is more than adequate to the task of cooling the components VoodooPC has packed in this system. There appears to be enough headroom for higher ambient temperatures as well as hotter components.

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