Energy consumption of current processors @

@ 2004/05/23
So far we always judged processors on the basis their efficiency; the current consumption boliden was ignored always perfectly thereby. We entered around other time with, the maximum thermal energy dissipations indicated by the manufacturer - thus the heat energy, which a radiator must exhaust in extreme cases. But thereby in each case a part of the truth was presented. Armed with an energy measuring instrument of the company Voltcraft (Energy check 3000) now the question is to be finally clarified on the following pages, which of the Highend processors by a ā€˛ausgeglichenen Energiehaushaltā€¯ to convince know.
the Athlon 64 scores pretty good, the Prescott on the other hand...
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/05/23
Without the total understanding in language used, I believe the numbers are bigger than what they appear to be. Unless, there is 100% leakage in every CPU. Heat dissipation is from loss.
Comment from jakkerd @ 2004/05/23
folding on a prescott is nuts
constantly 250 watts :wtf:
Comment from wutske @ 2004/05/23
Interesting .
Found a nice calc for OC'ed CPU's calc
Comment from Sarcastro @ 2004/05/23
That's one of the best articles I read in quite some time. Nobody ever thouches that surface.

So AMD is even cheaper after usage too.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/05/23
Now you know.; )