CeBIT 2004 Sydney Coverage

@ 2004/05/20
Today, OCAU reports on the recent CeBIT 2004 exhibition in Sydney, Australia. Naturally it's not quite as prestigious as the larger events in Taiwan, Germany and the USA, but there were a few things worth noting and plenty of pics.
In fact, this system is not simply interleaving two images as seen with earlier systems or 3D glasses, but eight images form the illusion and help keep it visible even at quite an angle from the screen. According to VR21 Pty Ltd, this AUD $38k system requires software to be written for it, or there is a plugin for 3D Studio available. So, it won't automatically work in your favourite game via a driver or anything, although it does support OpenGL and DirectX. The system was quite impressive, displaying fairly convincing 3D objects, particularly when you were directly in front of the screen. I had no idea this kind of technology existed - it's not quite at the level of the Death Star model during the briefing scene in Star Wars, but it's certainly a step towards something I basically thought was impossible to do.
Comment from Sarcastro @ 2004/05/20
that stacker rocked!