Intel PCI Express and 775 CPU get going over @ TheInquirer

@ 2004/05/19
In the most complex operation, we managed to get access to a working 775 motherboard, CPU and PCI Express card and we managed to do this quite some time before Intel is actually ready to announce it. Beware that this is our first experiences with this platform. We're still unclear about DDR-2 performance because this board we've reviewed uses DDR-1 memory.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/19
this is quite disturbing for all the Mach/Vapo owners..

We modified a Titan Athlon cooler and it actually was able to do the job, but we cannot say that this looked very nice. The machine was stable most of the time or should I say for all the testing, apart from one hang up in the Halo game in 1600x1200 resolutions. Again, note you won't be able to use any existing water cooling or phase changed systems as it simply won't fit on to the motherboard holes. You will have to buy new water blocks once they are available to place on these CPUs.