Antec Sonata PC Case @ The Tech Zone

@ 2004/05/19

My biggest complaint about almost most cases is that the manuals are too simplistic which do not help the notice user. The manual for the Sonata is fairly decent in depth. It at least spans 6 pages of written instructions, enough to walk most users through the process.

The interior of the case is well finished. There are no noticeable sharp edges on the inside. It would have been better if this case came with a removable motherboard tray as that would make mounting the motherboard much easier. However, considering you only have to do this once or twice throughout the life of your computer I do not mind Antec saving us a few bucks by avoiding such features.

Another neat feature is the way the hard drives mounted. The hard drives are seated on the mounting bracket and screwed on from the bottom of the drive. This bracket system provides space for up to 4 drives. Enough space to run a IDE RAID 0+1 system with no problems. The brackets for the CDROM/DVD drives are nicely tucked into each snap on bay panel. This makes finding them easy when the time comes to install a new 5 ¼ device. I remembered many times when I have to turn my room inside out to search for misplaced case brackets when I wanted to add a new device to my system.

Above all things, I really love the look of this case. Many cases are geared towards gamers and made to look cool, but this case is really classy. This case would fit in nicely next to a nice, executive-looking, wooden-finished desk. Antec is realizing that some users are starting to complain about the noise output of their computers. This is their answer for those users. I am quite impressed with how quiet this case is. Definitely, the quietest case I have heard in a long time. For a modest price, sleek look, and innovative way of mounting hard drives, I give this case the TTZ Editor’s Choice Award

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