Thermaltake Silent Tower Cooler @ OC-Café

@ 2004/05/19

The Thermaltake Silent Tower most certainly surprised me. It showed it had gusto and cooled neck and neck with two excellent comparison coolers. What I want to emphasis here is that the Silent Tower performed as it did while generating 21dBA of sound as opposed to the 76 CFM fan on the comparison coolers that was louder than hell. Style and performance really shine with Thermaltake's latest cooler. This is somewhat dimmed by having to remove the mainboard to install it, however given the Silent Tower's size, that cannot be helped. Thermaltake gets kudos again for innovation that mixes intrigue and functionality. With a street price of $50, the Silent Tower isn't cheap but it is not unreasonably priced. If you are shopping around for something decidedly different in a cooler, this could be it.

* Universal application to P4, K7, K8 and Socket T.
* Strong performance.
* Ability to add in a second fan for improved performance.
* Quiet operation.
* Very innovative design.
* Ability to channel air toward a case exhaust vent.
* Hippest looking cooler on the block.

* Compatible only on boards with holes through PCB around processor socket.
* Installation is inconvenient and time consuming.

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