PixelView GeForce 5900XT Golden Limited @ Bjorn3D

@ 2004/05/19

Ignoring the initial problems with getting this card to fit in my machine I found the Prolink PixelView GeForce 5900XT Golden Limited a pleasant surprise. It won't blow you away in terms of performance but it performs like the mid-range card it is. If I would have to suggest a mid-range card for a firend I probably would suggest one of these ahead of a Radeon 9600XT even though the 9600XT has better IQ.

I couldn't find a US price right now for the card but at the UK site Micro Direct the card is just about 20$ more expensive than Prolink's 'normal' GeForce 5900XT and similar priced as other GeForce 5900XT and Radeon 9600XT's. The PDFII system plus the alumina housing does add value to the card, just make sure that you have the room for it.

For the excellent value I award the Prolink PixelView a Seal of Approval and the score of 8 out of 10.

Mid-range performance for mid-range price
Interesting coolingsystem that actually works.
Quiet system
The LCD-display

Pretty bleak bundle. PowerDVD3.0??
PatrolMan seems to be a little flaky. Why does it alarm all the time allthough the system seems to work?
Short cable. In a larger case the cable for the LCD display to the frontpanel is to short. And hy not a 3 1/2" frontpanel instead?
Does not fit all systems.
Does not work well in SFF system even though Prolink shows a pic of a card in a Shuttle-case.

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