Value GPU Shootout – Radeon 9550 vs. GeForce FX 5500 and 5700LE @ TweakTown

@ 2004/05/19

The Radeon 9550 should hit the markets (other than China where is said to be selling quite well already) quite competitively and as you can see for yourself, the performance is quite competitive when it comes up against the nVidia competition. As we stated, the card is priced slightly cheaper then the competition which is going to make it for an extremely competitive product once it hits shop shelves which will not be too far off.

ATI have a real winner on their hands here and the value to mid range market is something that they have been missing out on for quite a while now.

PowerColor have simply chosen to follow the reference design which isn’t a bad thing because it keeps up with the FX5700LE without any trouble. GeCube, on the other hand, have done a little bit more with the 9550 core and chosen to install a better cooler and place some faster BGA memory on the PCB to help increase performance.

The benchmark numbers cannot lie – all signs point to ATI taking out the crown in this section of the market with the Radeon 9550 showing a fair overall lead against the GeForce FX 5500 in our tests. What will nVidia’s answer be? We’ll wait and find out.

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