AMD's Opteron 150 and 250 processors @ Tech-Report

@ 2004/05/18

If I were building (or, implausibly perhaps, buying) my ultimate workstation right now, I'd want a pair of Opteron 250s beating at the heart of it. The benchmarks speak volumes. For single-processor systems, the Opteron 150 looks like the fastest x86 CPU on the planet. In a multiprocessor configuration, the Opteron 250 scales up very well, even without the benefit of an optimal memory configuration, a NUMA-aware OS, or 64-bit extensions.
I'm intrigued to see how a dual Xeon 3.2GHz would stack up against a pair of Opteron 250s, and with luck, I'll update this review with just such a set of results soon. However, judging by the performance of the single Xeon 3.2GHz, it probably doesn't matter. At 2.4GHz, the Opteron looks to be a superior to the Xeon 3.2GHz most of the time. Adding a second Xeon on that pokey 533MHz bus isn't likely to change the math.

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