Sharp LL-191A-B: 16ms Response Time for 19" LCDs @ Anandtech

@ 2004/05/18

Although the monitor performed great in the DisplayMate portion of this review, there were two nagging facts. The first being the D-Sub (Analog) only input; the second, the $699 price tag. We are exceptionally pleased at the quicker response time; there just are not any other LCDs on the market with 16ms response times yet. The high response time proved itself in our performance benchmark. The Sharp LL-191A was able to keep pace with our reigning champion, the Dell 2001FP.

There are other factors to consider, though. The higher price tag, 6-bit color LCD panel and lack of a DVI input all weigh negatively on the monitor.

This monitor excels in our gaming tests and deserves recognition as one of the better 19" LCDs for gaming; particularly concerning response time. Once we corrected the colors with our OptiCal software, colors were accurate enough for gaming purposes. However, the trade-off for lower response time is the less accurate color replication. You won't find a better 19" analog LCD for the money right now, but if accurate color is important to you, definitely consider a DVI capable LCD

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