Thermaltake XaserV Damier V6000+ @ XYZ Computing

@ 2004/05/18

There are a lot of things to like about this case and a lot of things to dislike. Personally I hate those "Hot / Not" lists at the end of reviews but I'll list a few things here anyway. I really like the aluminum construction, the lockable door, the 2 stage door system, the included fans, the tool-less design of the case, the size of the interior, the great ventilation, the different fan choices, and all the small design details that Thermaltake incorporates into this case (like sideways harddrive bays). Also the move to 90mm fans is a nice thought.

I did not like the Damier pattern, I think just the plain aluminum looks great. I did not like the mess that the cables arrived in (a little organization would make a big difference), the front EL light, and the need for some tools in building. At first I also had problems with the cost of this enclosure but aluminum cases are expensive to produce and considering the amount of things this cases comes with and the attention to detail the cost is, in my opinion, justified.

This is not a case for everyone. In researching it I found that many reviewers tore the V6000+ apart for its faults and the Damier pattern. Aside from a few design errors I must disagree and say that Thermaltake has put together a fundamentally sound enclosure that has a few kinks that need to be worked out. Thats just how one man feels though, some people who saw our built computer loved it...

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