Abit Fatalities recorded @ TheInq

@ 2004/05/15
Abit had bimbos and related gimmicks, or at least one related gimmick, Fatal1ty. Yes, Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel, FPS player extrodanaire, and friend to all animals, big and small was at the booth, and Abit would give anyone who beat him at Unreal Tournament $1000 on the spot.
While you might think it was a good way to write out a lot of large checks, if you have ever seen Fatal1ty play, you know Abit had no worries at all. Even with a bunch of pro-gamers at the stand facing him, there was little doubt. Check the scores after most of the first day..
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/05/16
Moderation in life!! To win is not everything; to fail is to learn; to win is to share.

To be extreme or to choose the medium lane; in a car race the chance of winning when you could maintain your positiion in the middle of the lane is much better than otherwise.

Who is to judge? No one, but each of us within our own mind.
Comment from Tum0r @ 2004/05/16
i woudnt mind getting paid playing fps
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/16
If you play the game 40-80 hours a week and make a living from it , I wouldn't call it sick, and since he can play the game as a living, it means he has free time left to "have a life"

gaming is his life. To each his own.
Comment from wutske @ 2004/05/15
That's sick, does that guy have a life, hu must be playing UT 2004 24/7