Plextor 712A, First 12X DVD+R to Retail @ Anandtech

@ 2004/05/15
AnandTech have thrown up their review of Plextor's 12X DVD+R recorder! Here's a snip.

Last week, we had another DVD recordable exclusive: the Sony DRU-700A. This week, we have another exclusive review, the Plextor 712A. Plextor already impressed us once six months ago with the first 8X DVD+R dual format burner. Right on schedule, the next generation burner has high expectations, if it is to rival its already tried and true predecessor.

Without question, Plextor has continually raised the bar regarding bundled documentation and software. The documentation alone is superb; we received a 125-page manual that contains more data about our drive and drive technology in general than all of our other OSD manuals combined. The documentation does not just tell you how to configure your drive, but also why and to what benefit. The drive also comes with a decent software package, which includes Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator, Roxio DVD Max, PhotoSuite 5 SE and PlexTools Pro. Ahead Nero is missing from this bundle.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/15
check the review!
Other media, particularly the 8X Yuden disc (which we burned at 12X), looked nearly flawless.
Comment from piotke @ 2004/05/15
12* writing nice... but, will there be any media ?

I mean, nowadays, it's not that easy to find 8* media...