GeForce 6800 Ultra & Power @ [H]

@ 2004/05/14
One of the issues that we did not explore fully in our preview was the buzz around the GeForce 6800Ultra's lofty 480 watt power supply requirements. The main reasoning behind this is that our 6800U that we currently have is a sample supplied by NVIDIA and not a retail card that a gamer would be able to purchase. We would much rather wait and do testing on "real" video cards. Now saying this might be a bit confusing so let me explain. In our experience, sample cards from NVIDIA have in fact shown to be very representative of the retail products you can buy in terms of Image Quality and framerate performance. On the subject of the rather high PSU wattage needs of the 6800U we felt as though the NVIDIA 6800U sample might not come close to representing retail cards in that retail 6800U video cards might be built by many different companies with all sorts of components on them from a long list of manufacturers. It is our thought that this could impact retail very differently from brand to brand. Certainly we will see when we test retail GeForce Series 6 cards

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