Coolcases-modded Chenbro PC-610 Case @ SilentPCReview

@ 2004/05/14

Chenbro is best known as a large supplier to OEMs in the server/rack mount market. They do have a line of cases targeted to the consumer market; the recently reviewed Chenbro Gaming Bomb is one that should be familiar to SPCR readers. The subject of this review is the PC-610, an earlier, standard sized, conservatively styled, affordably priced, mid-tower case -- with a twist: It has been modded by
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/15
TerAngreal has those in 120mm sized 220v versions
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/05/15
The real Tornado fan.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/15
I got lower CPU temps with system in the HQ45 then with the system outside lying flat on a cardboard box

do note that the fans used are industrial 92mm papst, they can blow chillvent in half
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/05/15
Top fan works well, I agree; not side panel unfortunately. I've done "smoke - air stream" for visual observation using two different colors. Something like; yellow smoke from front intake; blue for side window and watch which color of smoke more focus at the exhausts (rear and top).

The next time I get some lab time, I would video tape the process/effect.

However, the review also indicated drop in both case and CPU temp without the side panel fan, which corresponded to my findings. I must point out that unobstructed front intake is vital to create the correct air flow in current ATX format.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/15
side-fan + top-fan gave me best results in an Aopen HQ45 and HQ08, both had case temps close to room temp

HQ45 is fitted with 2x92mm
HQ08 with 2x120mm

all fans are louder then a 80mm delta
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/05/14
Without the Side Fan - Not needing the side fan, I removed it and screwed a piece of 1/8" thick rubber on top of the fan filter to close off the hole. I then tested the case with just the front intake and rear exhaust fans, both running at 6V. There was a noticeable reduction in the noise; it was now quiet enough that I could just barely hear it from a meter away. Idle and load temps actually improved a degree or two. My thinking is that the side fan, while blowing additional air into the case, was messing up the airflow so that the cooling effect was less optimal.

Finally, after two years I have this guy to agree with my findings regarding side panel fan. I thought all the top notch engineers in Chicago were pulling my legs in air-stream / air-flow dynamics.