4 Dual Radiatoren im Test @ dark-tweaker

@ 2004/05/14

Today we report on a test, which lasted nearly 4 days long. We have ourselves 4 liked to dual radiators regarded and on heart and kidney tested. Since the radiator is one of the most important components at all in a WaKue system, we took ourselves some days time, in order to explore the pro and cons of a good dual radiator. Since we belong to ourselves to the lucky ones to use several WaKue of systems we already could gain our experiences. We are customer and see the things just as critical, as the buyers themselves. Our systems must bear and become much often up to the latter strained. To the today's models:
* Cooltek Liquidfreezer dual 120
* Watercool Htf-2 dual
* AquaComputer Airplex Evo 240
* Nextcool w-w-Zero X2

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