Alienware announces dual PCI-Express graphics subsystem

@ 2004/05/13
Alienware is known for building top-of-the-line, enthusiast friendly computers aimed at gamers with really good jobs or really large trust funds. In recent years, the company has gone from being a kind of novel specialty builder to being a potential force even against the big OEMs (indeed, Dell's Inspiron XPS is aimed squarely at the Alienware crowd). Now Alienware is looking to up the ante with some of their own technology designs, and wouldn't you know their opening salvo has gaming performance written all over it. Meet "Video Array."

Video Array is an accelerated graphics processing subsystem that will allow users to add multiple, off-the-shelf video cards to their Alienware computer systems and have both cards process graphic commands in parallel. Understanding the wide-ranging wants and needs of its customers, Alienware designed its solution so that it is not tied to any one specific video card. This design will allow users to take full advantage of the fastest video card on the market for a significant performance increase.

Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/19
Alienware keeps silence over the pricing of its ultimate systems with two processors and two graphics cards. Typical machines for extreme gamers from Alienware cost about $3000. Systems with two processors and two graphics cards are likely to cost considerably more: high-end Xeon DP chips intended for 2-way systems typically cost from $851 to $1043 each. High-end graphics cards usually cost $499 each.