Thermaltake Power Supply TWV 480 with TWV (Total Watt Viewer) 5.25" Bay

@ 2004/05/12
May 2004 - Taipei, Taiwan – Thermaltake is proud to launch the industry’s first Power Supply Watt Viewer, TWV (Total Watt Viewer). TWV is a 5.25” Bay Drive Display Panel that allows the users to see exactly how much power is being delivered to your computer system from the power supply unit. By utilizing the TWV, users are able to find out how much power is each device consuming.

Because TWV is a brand new concept, it can only be applied to power supply unit that is capable of providing the signal it requires.

A 480W power supply unit is included with the TWV480 model. The 480W power supply unit is also equipped with its own Noise Control System to keep the noise level to a minimum. The Noise Control System automatically adjusts the fan unit to run at low speed when temperature is cool and to speed up when it senses higher temperature: 1300RPM @ 25°C ~ 4800RPM @ 80°C.

Thermaltake is taking computing to a whole new level with the release of TWV480. Don’t just feel the power, see it!

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Comment from Sidney @ 2004/05/13
This will at least stop the bad apples from getting into the market. Will see how good the "reporting" is.
Comment from yeehaa!! @ 2004/05/13
Looks nice,
and I just ordered a regular 480W Tt psu :grum:
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/05/12
Nice nice.

Time to calculate the electricity bill .