Ex-Intel Engineer Comments on Pentium 4 “Tejas” Cancellation

@ 2004/05/12
An ex-Intel engineer has commented on the recent news about cancellation of NetBurst-based processors Tejas and Jayhawk in a public news-group. Apparently, at some point Intel wanted to pour certain IA64 functionality into the processors, but at another, the world’s largest chipmaker decided not to implement the capability due to an unknown reason.

Tejas: The Way IA64 Should Go Mass

The code-named Tejas processor was meant to be a late incarnation of Intel Pentium 4 product featuring a massively-redesigned NetBurst architecture. The IA64 functionality and out-of-order execution that were meant to be featured by the part might be a signal for software developers for migration to the 64-bit chips with a kind of EPIC architecture.

After the Tejas, Intel planned to roll-out some more powerful offerings, including dual-core products, that should inherit all the capabilities of their father; but at the end the company decided to trim the IA64 capabilities and then killed the projects code-named Tejas and Jayhawk, a server version of Tejas.

Ace’s Hardware web-site has found some comments made by an ex-Intel engineer Andy Glew on a news-group, commenting the abandonment of the Tejas and Jayhawk:

“The Tejas project has been in trouble for years – in my humble opinion, beginning with when they decided not to make an out-of-order x86 chip that could also run Itanium code (by converting the Itanium VLIW to uops that could run out-of-order)...”

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