Acer first to market Dothan-based notebooks in Taiwan

@ 2004/05/11
Acer will start marketing its first Dothan-based notebook, the Travelmate 8005, this week in Taiwan, making it the first vendor to deliver the next-generation notebooks to the market, according to company sources.

The TravelMate 8005 will be built using Intel’s newly launched Dothan 745 (1.8GHz) processor. The TravelMate 8005 is being manufactured by Quanta Computer, and carries a list price of around NT$80,000 (about US$2,380).

Asustek Computer will follow with its W1-series notebooks, scheduled to be launched in the latter half of May. The W1-series notebooks will use the Dothan 755 (2.0GHz) processor, according to market sources.

Micro-Start International (MSI) and Gigabyte Technology both also plan to launch Dothan-based notebooks soon, the sources added.

With the May 10 launch of the three Dothan processors (Dothan 735, 745 and 755), Intel cut the prices for its existing Centrino processors, codenamed Banias, from 11 to 26%, said the sources.

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