E3 2004: Halo 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

@ 2004/05/11
PC- ign , Gamespy and Gamespot have thrown up their Halo 2 Multiplayer hands-on experience!

For Halo 2 multiplayer, Bungie wanted to focus on the social aspects of gaming. That means you can expect full use of Xbox Live 3.0, but in ways no one else has yet conceived. While those details have not yet been revealed, most of our questions about standard Live 3.0 fare was met with "Oh, we're doing something infinitely cooler." For those who truly want to sit on a couch with a buddy, split-screen and System Link will still be there.

The new addition, of course, is Live play. Though no number has been finalized, a recent internal Alpha test had 16 players going at it online. So that would likely be a base, with possibly an increase in the limit to boot.

The four of us (whom I will nickname KillHil, FrancisCube, Sluggo, and "That Other Guy"), played a single map called Zanzabar, located in Africa in the year 2552. The outer human colonies have fallen and the Covenant are making their move to conquer Earth. Though Zanzabar is not a part of the single-player game, it is connected somehow through the story (Bungie's pretty secretive, so the how's of it are unknown). Zanabar's edges are well-defined. There's a beach on one end and a crumbling, decommissioned reactor station at the other. It's a medium-sized map, but the perfect size for four-on-four Capture the Flag.

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